Psychosocial Services

  • Our transdisciplinary approach emanating from psychosocial and visual sciences empowers us to provide customized trainings, workshops and seminars to enhance life and work skills of participants.

  • We also provide design services and consultancy in creating ‘Behavior Change Communication’ strategies, campaigns andmanuals to transform attitudes and bring about improvement in positive behaviors.

Training Workshops and Seminars

  • Untangle Your Mind

    Train your mind for systematic analysis, problem solving and responsible decision making.

  • This training workshop is a must-attend for anyone who has to take decisions in matters of great importance. Whether you’re a corporate executive, a parent, a housewife or anyone who is stressed out, lost and feels helpless when it comes to making critical decisions, this intensive yet easy to understand activity based workshop will train you in developing a framework for systematic analysis, problem solving and responsible decision making.
The custom-designed training to ‘Untangle Your Mind’ is based on sound psychological theories, principles (Cognitive, Emotional, Neuroscience, Eidetic, etc.) and therapies (CBT, REBT, etc.). ‘Untangle Your Mind’ is an innovation based on hardcore science that is backed by empirical evidence.
Due to its extremely interactive nature ‘Untangled Your Mind’ is limited to a maximum of 24 participants per session. Each training session is 5 hours long and can be customized according to the organizational needs. Each participant receives a certificate and a toolkit to help in informed decision making.


  • Faith and Consumerism

    Effects of advertising and marketing strategies,with relationship between faith and consumerism

  • Also known as ‘At The Mercy of Advertising’, this seminar digs deep into the historical beginnings of consumerism, what it is and how it effects people. How advertising and marketing played their role in the early days, the strategies employed in current times and their effects.
The second half is about the relationship between faith and consumerism. How the ‘good life’ offered by both stands at almost opposite extremes. It takes participants on an interactive mental roller coaster that offers a perspective they generally never look at. In the end, the participants are ready to deal with the onslaught of commercial messages that often have adverse effects on their mental, physical and economic wellbeing.
This seminar has been a remarkable success on the academic circuit in institutions like The AKUH, University of Karachi, SZABIST and IVS to name a few.

Behavior Change Communication (BCC)

  • Social Media Campaign

    Powerful campaigns to positively influence personal and collective human functioning

  • Positive social change heavily relies on the social determinants that shape human interaction. Factors such as knowledge, attitudes, norms and cultural practices are the fundamental social determinants in any given society. Behavior Change Communication (BCC) employs the most powerful and fundamental human interaction – communication – to positively influence personal and collective human functioning and well-being.
    Research consistently shows evidence-based communication programs can increase knowledge, shift attitudes and cultural norms and produce changes in a wide variety of behaviours. Through our BCC initiative we create powerful communication campaigns, Infographics and short videos to create awareness about issues relevant to our society. This awareness leads to a shift in attitude resulting in positive behaviour changes in individuals and groups.
    BCC is an ongoing process and in any given society there are never enough people to take up this cause. A society needs the best and the most talented of its people involved in creating positive social change. The more communication and design practitioners actively involved in BCC we have, the bigger the impact. To create more practitioners we are actively involved with several educational institutes in training their students in BCC.