About Us

  • Amal is active in the fields of education, mental health and design. We produce e/m learning apps and solutions,provide psychosocial and graphic design services. With the help of digital technology Amal provides solutions to empower clients and people in general.

  • Amal is Arabic for an act or work and our core philosophy is to act upon scientific knowledge that humans have gathered over ages. We believe that the endless pursuit of knowledge will have little effect on human functioning until that knowledge is put into action in real life situations.

Our 7-step process of providing innovative, integrated and empowering solution.

An Innovation Idea: In response to a problem or a challengeThe Solution Generator: Innovative brain storming to find an appropriate solution
The Combiner: Here our varied team experience from the disciplines of Visual and Psychosocial Sciences  gets  fused with up to date research and scientific evidence.
The Mixer: Required set of skills, materials, and tech assistance  are added.
The Combustion Chamber: A fire is ignited and a blast of energy gives birth to a solution.
The Tester: Rigorus testing is done and if required the solution is tweaked for optimum performance.
The Deliverer: Final product/solution/service is ready for deployment  and imapct evaluation.

Meet the Team

  • My main areas of interest are Early Child Development-Education, Community School Mental Health and Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities. I have been working with multiple national and international research and service organizations since 1990 which include Institute of Psychiatry Rawalpindi, UNDP Pakistan, HDRF Pakistan, Grand Challenges Canada and St. John of God Community Services, Dublin, Ireland. I specialize in integrating my cross cultural experience, evidence-based knowledge; extensive clinical, research experience and the ICT in developing and implementing; ‘Integrated Innovation’ inspired projects leading to measurable positive impact in low-to-moderate resource settings. I strongly believe in providing empowering solutions that are accessible, sustainable and scalable.

    Author's imageDr. Zafar Iqbal (PhD, ADCP, MSc)Principle Consultant
  • Starting from the discipline of graphic design, over the years I added design education and psychology to my repertoire. From art direction to thesis research advice, from designing magazines to apps and from training people in life skills to creating social change communication and programs, the diverse experiences accumulated over a decade and a half have empowered me to work on and manage projects from varied fields. A transdisciplinary approach that combines visual and psychosocial sciences into one is my way to develop innovative solutions. I specialize in publication design, integrated innovation and project management.

    Author's imageAmir Mirza (MSc, Dip Graphic Design)Project Director and Co-Founder
  • Research is what I enjoy the most.My interests include child psychology and education as well.

    Author's imageMashal Zainab (BS Psychology)Research Assistant
  • My interests are social entrepreneurship and business management.

    Author's imageSarmad Ali (BBA)Business Assistant